Trouble befell on Katumba Wamala’s family this morning after an assassination attempt was made on General Katumba Wamala’s life and it ended taking his daughters life Brenda Nantongo and his driver’s life Haruna Kayondo.

The shooting happened today on June 1st in the mid-morning hours in Kisasi a neighborhood of Kampala that saw the Minister of Works and Transport Katumba Wamala surviving with injuries on the arm while Brenda Nantongo and Haruna died on spot.

Who is Brenda Nantongo?

Brenda Nantongo is the last of Born of General Katumba Wamala.

Katumba Wamala and daughter Brenda
Nantongo taking a selfie with Dad

Born in  Kampala, Nantongo has been described by a close family member as “a humble girl who had a whole bright future ahead of her.

She had gone to United States  of America for studies where she had returned recently after finishing school and was killed while in a car with her dad in an assassination plot that is believed to have been targeting his father’s life as she went with him to bury a close deceased relative.

Nantongo was recently seen escorting his dad at the swearing in Ceremony of the the 11th Parliament as his dad was being sworn in as one of the  10 MPs representing Uganda People’s Defence Forces – UPDF.

According to eye witnesses Brenda died on the scene but was rushed to the hospital who pronounced her dead upon arrival.

Brenda’s burial program will be announced by the family later and his dad called on  “those who can come, please come and we bury Brenda” in his first appearance after the assassination attempt.

Ms. Nantongo Brenda dead in a car
Nantongo lying in the car lifeless shortly after the shooting

We shall continue updating this article as more details about Brenda’s life emerge.

Credit: pearlpost