It's now two years ever since singers Eddy Kenzo and Rema Namakula broke up. The sitya loss hit maker had courted and stayed with Rema under the same roof for over 6 years, Their romance paid off as they gave birth to a baby girl, Aamal Musuuza before it ended in tears when Rema publicly confirmed that she had finally left Kenzo for Dr Hamza Ssebunya who she introduced to her parents as the pair started living together.


The multi-award winning music superstar (Kenzo) has failed to find a better replacement much as he has been bonking all through, countless babes wish to marry him but he is still spoilt for choice or still taking his time. His fans did push and pressure him last year to find a wife but he only dashed to studio and composed a song titled,    Tulinda Mugole’.


While hosted on a local TV station Kenzo did reflect on life after break up with the angelic songbird Rema Namakula, Kenzo explained that he found it tough after Hamza snatch Rema away from her but God enabled him to move on.


“When REMA was taken, life wasn’t easy for me but I had to move on, I thank God am here still standing, about co-parenting, things are not yet fine but with time everything will be ok”, he said. Kenzo further revealed that he treats those who attack or mock him on social media as back ground noise, “I have gone through everything, there’s nothing people can say to me now that can break me, facebook has nothing to do with my life, people’s views have nothing to do with my life” He said.